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Specializing in Residential property management, Commercial property management, condominium & town home associations for over 25 years!

Our Rochester NY Property Management Services

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Residential Property Management: Rochester NY

Yourway Properties, Inc is one of the most successful residential property management companies in the Rochester NY area because it is the most goal-oriented. It is our sincere goal at Yourway Properties, Inc to deliver you, the client, a profitable investment in your property.

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Commercial Property Management: Rochester NY

As one of the largest growing association leaders in Rochester, we help with budgeting, yearly expectations, P/L statements, bidding, neighborhood meetings, staffing, payroll services and every single aspect of successful community development in Rochester!

YourWay Properties

Short-term and Mid-term rentals

Short-term and Mid-term rentals are a booming part of the industry in New York and it takes an expert to understand local municipalities rules and regulations. Since Yourway Properties already manages dozens of them we bring a valuable resource to the table when you hire us as your property manager.

Why Our Rochester NY Property Management Clients Choose Us

Our Rochester NY Property Management Experience Sets Us Apart

Our team's combined experience in residential and commercial property management, as well as remodeling and contracting, makes us the ideal team to entrust with your investment property.

Our Flexibility & Diversity Of Property Management Services​

Whether you have a residential property, commercial investment property, condominium / town home association considerations, or property needing contracting / remodel, Yourway is your team. 

Our Results Creating Profitable Investments For Our Clients

In today’s recession, budgets are getting tighter and investments are more complex. The Yourway property management staff strives to keep the task of real estate investing as easy as possible.

We Understand Real Estate Investing For Your Unique Situation

We understand that regardless of whether you live in your real estate, rent it, or just visit it seasonally -- every client situation is unique and requires specific attention to your individual needs.

Meet Our Team Of Experienced Property Management Professionals.

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Yourway Properties, Inc (Yourway Contracting & Yourway Property Management) has put together a team of professionals who have the experience needed to assist you in making your property investments prosperous and profitable.

With over 25 years of experience, our reputation in Rochester NY is longstanding and you’ll discover our work ethic to be unparalleled when your entrust your property to our stewardship.

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Testimonials From Our Property Management Clients

"Currently making me 18% more than the previous managers."
Yourway Properties, Inc
T. West
"Sean and his team made me so much money we started buying commercial properties. Now he manages those too."
Yourway Properties, Inc
H. Barber
"I pretend to be a tenant and call him to test their responsiveness. I’ve never been so satisfied."
Yourway Properties, Inc
L. Lindner
"Raised my cap-rate to more than I expected when I bought the project."
Yourway Properties, Inc
O. Olivia
"Exceeded my expectations."
Yourway Properties, Inc
D. George
"I started with one property. Now I have 8 and he manages them all."
Yourway Properties, Inc
C. Lee

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