Residential Property Management

YOURWAY PROPERTIES is one of the most successful residential property management companies in Rochester. Not because its the biggest and not because its the most cost effective, but because it is the most goal-oriented. It is our goal at YOURWAY PROPERTIES to bring you, the client, a profitable investment:

  • We strategically manage each investment solely based on its own possibilities and not as a larger group of company profits.
  • We look at each property and each owner’s goals and try to reach them.
  • We educate you with possibilities and solutions, and make decisions together based on each property’s possibilities.
  • We pay our employees based on commission of rent collected, which brings you more profit!
  • We focus highly on tenant screening.

    YOURWAY PROPERTIES, Inc. finds this to be part of your and our success. We have experienced the losses of bad tenants so we know that it doesn’t work for you or us! We have found sources that bring together an applicant’s eviction history and criminal history, which when put together with our efforts of calling previous landlords and verifying employment, ensures every effort to find the best tenants.
  • We do all work based solely on your specifications and and the requirements of the property.
  • We evaluate each repair based on a possible short term repair or long term capital gain.
    We do not do excessive repairs to make extra money.



It’s this simple: the U.S. Government states that we as the property manager have to forward approximately 30% of all income to them prior to sending any money to anyone with out an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). Now I’m going to be honest with you and tell you: We don’t want to! So we have gone ahead and compiled some information and documentation you will need to make getting your ITIN a little easier for you.

Please be assured, we will continue to manage your property and keep all monies in a non-interest baring account until you get this done and you can always see how much money you have, but, unfortunately, we can not forward it to you until you get this.

Information about the ITIN
Link to the application

These links are actual pages of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) web page so please find them to valid and true.